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The water system upgrade for Camp Meeker, which included the installation of 65 fire hydrants, was the result of a grant from U.S.D.A.  The water system stores 350,000 gallons of water, with a 100 gallon per minute replenish rate and an average flow of 1000 gallons of water per minute, leading to 5+ hours of fire suppression capability.

The 65 hydrants establish Camp Meeker as the only town in Sonoma County with hydrants spaced less than 500 feet apart, quite an accomplishment for such a small community.  The superior level of fire suppression capability allows us, the CMVFD, to concentrate on saving lives and property in the event of a fire, instead of devoting significant resources to managing water apparatus.

Additionally, with the upgraded water system, the Insurance Services Office (ISO) has changed the insurance category of Camp Meeker to a rural 8.  That designation is good for a rural community, however, it could be better. Through the tireless efforts of the CMVFD, we are working with the ISO to improve the insurance category even more, allowing everyone in Camp Meeker to pay lower insurance premiums.  However, equipment still needs to be upgraded and supplies are needed, so keep those donations coming in.

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